Our Curriculum

MY World Curriculum


Learning takes on a whole new meaning at MY World, because we adopt a learner-centred and inquiry approach to teaching. Children participate actively in their learning as they Wonder, Discover and Learn.

The diagram on your left encapsulates the key elements of the curriculum design and emphasises our central belief that children are confident explorers, creative thinkers, curious learners and caring individuals and that they can learn almost any topic or subject, if they are properly structured and presented.


As teachers consider the Six Guiding Principles (S.T.R.O.N.G.) in their planning and implementation of the curriculum, they facilitate opportunities for children to periodically revisit knowledge, skills, concepts and dispositions that they have previously acquired as new ones are being introduced. This spiralling approach to learning strengthens children’s understanding of principal ideas of concepts or skills so that they are able to apply them in increasingly more complex and abstract context.


In summary, when teachers apply the S.T.R.O.N.G. Principles and the spiral approach in their planning, and ensure that the children participate in activities involving the six learning areas, the children will begin to acquire concepts, skills and dispositions that will develop them into team players, reflective inquirers, independent problem solvers, effective communicators and resilient individuals in life.


Early childhood is filled with intense learning and development, shaped by the child's encounters with people, surroundings and experiences.

Purposeful learning experiences and high quality care are key during this period of development. These Six Principles (S.T.R.O.N.G.) guide us as we aim for holistic development for every child under our care:

Principle "S": Scaffolded Play

Scaffold play experiences to promote creativity and enable meaningful discoveries.

Principle "T": Teachers as Facilitators

Teachers facilitate children's learning to deepen their exploration, develop understanding and encourage reflection.

Principle "R": Respectful & Supportive Partnerships

Respect and support children’s learning and development, in partnership with families and the community.

Principle "O": Observation & Documentation

Observing and documenting of children's progression to enhance future learning.

Principle "N": Nurture & Empower

Nurture character and empower children for social responsibility.

Principle "G": Guided Participation

Guide and engage children in authentic learning experiences.


When your child enters MY World, he/she enters a world of endless learning.

Your child will have opportunities to learn and acquire knowledge and skills in six learning areas:

  • Aesthetics & Creative Expression
  • Discovery of the World
  • Language and Literacy
  • Numeracy
  • Physical & Emotional Well-being
  • Social & Character Development


When creating learning experiences for your child, we work towards a learner profile made up of these five attributes:

  • Team Player
  • Reflective Inquirer
  • Independent Problem Solver
  • Effective Communicator
  • Resilient Individual

Enhancement Programmes

Beyond the basic curriculum, MY World offers enhancement programmes (on an opt-in basis) that provide your child with exposure to swimming, drama, as well as music and movement.

MY Zumba Kids Jr. (N1 to K2)

Designed exclusively for children aged 3 - 6, MY Zumba Kids Jr. gets children moving and sets their hearts pumping! Combining music and movement, the high energy dance sessions are packed with specially choreographed, child-friendly routines that will help your child improve memory, rhythm and sequencing.


Our camps not only provide your child fun and exciting experiences, but are designed to facilitate character growth as your child learns resilience, teamwork and other values that will stand him/her in good stead.


Your child will develop confidence, speech clarity, imagination and creativity by acting out stories and exercises that underscore character development.

    Learning objectives:
  • Develop confidence
  • Speech clarity
  • Cultivate imagination and creativity


An essential life skill, and the foundation for enjoying all kinds of water sports!

Your child will be taught not only basic and correct swimming techniques, but also water survival and safety skills, while developing physical coordination and fitness.

    Learning objectives:
  • Water adjustment
  • Fundamental swimming skills
  • Fundamental water safety skills & awareness


Your child will discover their sense of rhythm and musicality through play-based and teacher-guided programmes.

Through our unique setup and a generous supply of instruments, your child will embark on an enchanting and lifelong journey of discovery, imagination and creativity in the world of music.

    Learning objectives:
  • Musical foundation & literacy
  • Play-based and teacher-guided programmes
  • Range of musical instruments


Movement and play are important in your child’s early development. More importantly, they are a fun way to keep healthy, active and engaged!

Your child will learn a wide range of physical movement and body management skills to promote strength, flexibility, balance and coordination.

    Learning objectives:
  • Physical movement & body management
  • Fundamental sports & games
  • Fundamental gymnastics

Membership Benefits

We welcome every child enrolled in MY World as Associate Youth Members of Metropolitan YMCA.

As Associate Youth Member, your child will have the opportunity to participate in our enhancement programmes such as swimming, camps and ballet. By presenting your child’s membership card, you and your family can dine at the Metro-Y Restaurant along Stevens Road at a 10% discount off menu prices.

Sign up for the Family Membership and enjoy our programmes and facilities at special rates, and become part of the wider YMCA network worldwide with over 30 million members in 120 countries. You can also book accommodation for friends or family at The Metropolitan Y Hostel along Stevens Road at special rates.

Upon graduating from MY World, your child will receive a 2-year free MY First Club membership. This is an alumni club for graduates from MY World, and aims to help our graduates stay connected and keep in touch with their alma mater and fellow alumni.

For more information on Membership, please contact: 6839 8355/9 or visit our website at www.mymca.org.sg