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To all staffs who have taken care of our Zuyyin,
We would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being such wonderful teachers to our daughter. She has always enjoy going to school and looks forward to all the fun activities. She talks a lot about her teachers and her peers - we are glad that she feels safe and happy everyday under your care. We also feel at peace while at work because we truly believe our girls are in good hands.

Zuyyin have grown so much since 2016. We see this quiet and timid girl grow up to be a more confident and talkative child. We also see her passion growing stronger - her love in drawing & writing. Her progress may be slow but every little progress she makes is a huge moment for us and we are so proud of what she has acheived thus far.

** Special thanks to Tr Rozzi and Tr Mei Qin - Thank you for assuring us that she is doing well in school and making sure that you followed-up with all our concerns. We are also happy to know that there were times she finds comfort in sharing her issues with you and you have enlightened her through challenging situations.

Thank you so much!

Parents of Zuyyin
MY World @ Teban Gardens

Dear Ms Nicole,
Once again – thank you very much for the excellent care you and other teachers @Tiong Bahru extended to our boys!

After moving to Singapore in November 2016, one of our top priorities was to ensure inclusive and caring environment for our two little sons who did not speak English and had to adopt to completely new culture and environment. We were truly happy to find MY World Preschool on our way.

MY World @ Stevens was the place where our 4 year old boy (at that time) put his first school steps in Singapore. Since the very first day, he was really happy to go to school and played with his new friends. He took part in all school activities and enjoyed stage performances organized on different occasions. He made friends not only among his peers, but also with his teachers. Thanks to really inclusive environment and within 3 months, he was already playing in English with his peers at school and after hours. He also started his Chinese experience. Unfortunately, after 1 year since we enrolled to MY World @ Stevens. The center had to be closed and the 5 year old had to continue his journey another new pre-school. At that time, we were very much afraid that frequent changes of the schools in his short live can adversely affect his emotional development and relationships with the peers, which – fortunately – was not a case.

We were blessed to find the place for him and for his little 2-year old brother in MY World @Tiong Bahru View. Thanks to wonderful principal, Ms. Nicole Neo, and really professional teachers, the elder boy jumped into the new reality completely painless and he was followed by his younger brother, who experienced the school life for the first time. We felt really welcomed at the school and were given a lot of individual attention by the school staff – the same as all other kinds in the branch. If we faced any little problems, the principal always addressed them personally and found the solution on the spot.

Both boys were rushing to their favorite school in the mornings. They were progressing really fast in their education. The younger one within 4 months in school started communicating in Chinese. While on vacation they were singing school songs and were missing their teachers, which was the true proof they enjoyed the environment. As parents, we were also very pleased to observe how the school influenced their self-discipline and values.

We were really sad when we had to leave the school while the elder one moved to primary. As for the two working parents our daily logistics became a bit complicated and forced us to change the school for the little one too.

What made MY World Preschool a wonderful and perfect pre-school for our kids was mainly a very good child care at very reasonable price (!), caring and dedicated teachers, good educational program and enrichment offerings, truly bilingual environment, excellent discipline and values, colorful and tidy school environment, outside play grounds and interesting field trips.

We miss the school very much and truly regret there are not many centers of MY World in central Singapore. The two centers we had experience proved the highest child care standards we could expect.

Mr and Mrs Joanna and Marcin Konkołowicz
Parents of Maksymilian (K2) and Antoni (N1)-
MY World @ Tiong Bahru View

Good day, Principal - Ms Patricia and All Teachers,

We want to dedicate this compliment to the teaching management team in My World (Simei).

I had my son — Evan Lim enrolled into MyWorld (K1 & K2) in the years 2013 & 2014. Three years later, I had my daughter — Erin Lim enrolled in the years 2016 & 2017. During their time in kindergarten, my children learnt how to listen to teacher's instructions, learn basic manners, brush up on their mandarin; how to make friends & many important habits that I would have no time to inculcate as a parent otherwise. All these years, I have seen my children's behavior improved a lot.

In addition, the personal touch that the teachers who took care of my children had showed them how to appreciate dedication & care. Till today, my boy — Evan still speaks fondly of his teachers in MyWorld. Also, the teaching staff still remembers Evan (who is in Primary 3 now) when I made phone calls to the school to enquire on matters for my daughter, which this simple gesture touches my heart.

We are also very appreciative of the 'Meet-the-Parents' session where the teachers went further to analyze the strengths & weaknesses they observed in my kids. This passion which the teachers had instilled, allowed me to better nurture my kids more effectively as we work together.

The school is very clean and administration is efficient, effective and approachable, being from an office role myself. As such, I had no worries with school administration handling or teachers during my children's education in MyWorld, as compared to which I've heard of horrible experiences that my parenting friends had with other schools.

We enjoy seeing the kids grow through these years, as did our children. We want to express our gratitude to these passionate teaching and office staff during Evan and Erin's education tenure in MyWorld.

Chinese Teacher - Ms Zhang
English Teacher - Ms Sarah
Chinese Teacher - Ms Li
English Teacher - Ms Shireen
Chinese Teacher - Ms Feng
School Administrator - Ms Celine

Thank You, My World (Simei) Team for making a positive difference in our children's life!

Jolene and Bryan
Parents of Evan Lim & Erin Lim
MY World @ Simei

A definite A++ service for principal, Ms Esther and to all the lovely teachers.
Searching for a preschool for my five-month-old is definitely not an easy task for me especially having all sorts of doubts in my mind as a working parent. Enrolling my little one at the very last minute has indeed caused me much stress since I am fully aware that by then most of the preschools would have left only limited slots, have a long-waiting list or have no vacancies at all. However with a very positive mind-set, I went forward to approach MY World @Canberra and it was such a great blessing that most of my worries were eased immediately and sending my child to MY World @ Canberra could fit into my schedule.

I want to take this opportunity to sincerely express a very big thank you to MY World @ Canberra Centre Principal, Miss Esther and her team of teachers. Ever since my little one started her infant care till playgroup now, I never once had to be worried to leave her alone and all these can happen because of the teachers who were always attentive, caring, responsible and friendly. They are filled with cheerfulness whenever they receive or return my child.

What makes me even more comforting as a parent is to know that every time when my child returns from school, she carries a smile on her face and would sing all the songs that were taught in class to me.
Once again, thank you Centre Principal Ms Esther for your kind advice whenever I need and thank you all for being such awesome teachers to Adra!

Parents of Adra
MY World @ Canberra

From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank everyone for all the help rendered to Yukai (N1 class) to settle down in the preschool environment. I understand it has been challenging as he is still trying to adjust amidst all the whining, crying and refusal to eat. Special thanks to Teacher Isah and Teacher Liu, Principal and Kelly for being so patient and assuring me, as a parent that it takes time and they will do their best to help Yukai. I am glad I chose My World Preschool. Thank you once again.

Parents of Yu Kai
MY World @ Yishun

Our son, Sy Le attended MY World@Sims since he was 4.5 years old and it had been a wonderful experience for the whole family ever since. Sy Le has grown from a shy boy to a confident student. He enjoys attending lessons and going to school is one of his best moments. He would come back home and share with us his learnings especially the stories which were told in class.
With full trust and confidence, I know that I have left Sy Le in good hands and am assured of his daily growth in all areas.
I would like to recommend MY World@Sims to all prospective parents. It is a great school to give your child a ‘Solid Rock Head Start’ in life. It has definitely done that for Sy Le!
Thank you MY World@Sims for all that you do! Special thanks to teacher Priscilla, Jiang laoshi and teacher Karen for all that you have given to my boy!

Parents of Sy Le
MY World @ Sims

Even though we are a Chinese-speaking family, our children managed to pick up English language swiftly after attending the preschool. Now, they are able to communicate with their peers in English confidently. Besides, the teachers also work closely with us to help our children. In addition, our girl, Gracia Lee, really loves her teachers, such as Teacher Deborah, 杨老师 and Teacher Yvonne, whom have guided her through these years and put in extra efforts to help our little

Rebecca and SM Lee
Parents of Gracia Lee
MY World @ Tampines Central

Our daughter Wen Kee is not an easy child to care for or teach, but Teacher Michelle Low has shown tremendous patience and love in coaxing her to eat her food and learning to be a more cheerful and out-spoken girl in class. Teacher Michelle is a very dedicated educator who would genuinely care for the welfare and learning of her students. She is always observing her charges and providing relevant feedback to concerned parents like us. All this would not have been possible without the able principal-ship (leadership) of Mrs Jane Lee as well.

Mr and Mrs Chua Geng Pin
Parents of Chua Wen Kee
MY World @ Ang Mo Kio

To whom it may concern,
MY world Teban has placed great interest in children’s well-being. I’m assured that my children are safe. The teachers at the centre especially Ms Nisa and Ye Laoshi have provided a warm and caring atmosphere, and the children we saw at drop- off and pick –up time were happy and played well with each other. The centre provides a variety of activities for the children such as crafts, outdoor activities and he is even able to converse in mandarin. From our observations, Maliq has developed a close bond with his teachers in MY World, Apart from that , Ms Nisa have gone through the extra mile in communicating with parents and she will keep us posted with pictures of activities that they did in school. For working parents like ourselves, we are pleased and relieved to know that our child is being left in the hands of someone who truly cares for him, As this is Maliq’s 2nd childcare we really see that Maliq enjoy going to school and there was a tremendous change from the first childcare that we sent previously.
Thank you Teachers and staff of MY world for the hard work.

Parents of Maliq Adli
MY World @ Teban Gardens

Dear Madame Koh and my MYMCA Family,
I will be celebrating my 7th Birthday Party with my new school, classmates and teachers in Primary 1. I remembered, I have celebrated my 5th and 6th Birthday Party in MY World @ Sims. It was just like yesterday, and I can still hear all the cheers and birthday greetings to me from my MY World @ Sims’ family. My happy 3 years (from Nursery 2 to Kinder 2) with my MY World family, I will truly treasure in my heart and bring with me as I move to my new journey as a Primary 1 student.

Again, big thank you to Madame Koh, Teacher Karen, Teacher Priscilla, Jiang Lao Shi, MY World teaching team and staffs for all your love, care, support and guidance for the past 3 years. You are not just my teachers and mentors, but I have considered you as my family too! You are a great part of me! Please continue sharing the love to your new children/students. We may all come and go, but the love and memories will live with us.

I am looking forward to come and visit you again, perhaps to bring some Mangoes and sweet treats from Manila, Philippines. God bless you all and more power to MY World Preschool @ Sims.

Lance and Del Fierro family
MY World @ Sims

My husband and I sent our boys, Murphey and Tytus to MY World@Sims in 2008 and 2016 respectively when they were 2 years old. They had since graduated in 2012 and 2016 respectively. MY World Preschool had given them a very good learning foundation which had enabled them to do well in primary school now. Throughout the years, MY World Preschool had also helped to cultivate them not only in academics, but good values in life too.
Thank you to the dedicated teachers and staff for nurturing our boys. We would recommend MY World Preschool to any friends who want their children to have a good head start.

Genic and Inn Meng Tay
Parents of Murphey and Tytus
MY World @ Sims

While we are all excited about Yue Yi entering a new phase of life as a P1 student, we know that she will miss MY World Preschool, her close friends and favourite teachers too. The patience, care and love that they have rendered over the years have helped Yue Yi grow and develop each day. Once a 'cry baby' who had severe anxiety, she has now grown into a confident, resilient and happy child. We truly treasure the time Yue Yi spent at MY World Preschool, whose life you’ve touched and inspired tremendously.

Mr and Mrs Wong
Parents of Wong Yue Yi
MY World @ Woodlands

We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to all the teachers at MY World @ Tampines Central who have taught our daughter, Elena Lee, from N2 to K2. Teacher Ann, Teacher Yvonne, Teacher Nur, Teacher Deborah, Teacher Gina and Yang Lao Shi are those who really touched our hearts with their dedication and love towards our child. They really made a difference in Elena’s life. We are very glad that God has made them part of her childhood learning journey and she has since grown up well under their care. Thank you all teachers for your good work. Well done!

Benny & Cindy Lee
Parents of Elena Lee
MY World @ Tampines Central

I would like to send my sincere thanks to Yang Lao Shi. Ever since Ryan joined N1 in 2012, he has improved his Mandarin tremendously – From not able to recognise any Chinese characters to liking the language, understanding it and speaking more of it with us at home. Yang Lao Shi is truly a dedicated and passionate teacher who shares her knowledge with our children and teaching them the good values in life. Ryan has learned a lot from her and she has indeed done a wonderful job as his teacher. Thank you for being such a great example to our son!

Derrick and Eunis Ng
Parents of Ryan Dermis Ng
MY World @ Tampines Central

To Whom It May Concern
We would like to convey our appreciation to Infant Care teacher Anna at MyWorld@Teban for her outstanding management of the Infant Care section and her dedication to providing the best care for the children under her charge.
Our daughter, Akshayaa, has been attending Infant Care at this centre since she was five months old. We first met Teacher Anna during the orientation for new enrolments, and we found her to be a friendly, professional and passionate edu-carer. We also observed that the Infant Care section was very clean, well-organised, and most importantly, child-centric.
Since Akshayaa's enrolment, Teacher Anna has taken it upon herselfto provide us with constant updates and reassurance at appropriate intervals. She is always contactable and readily shares tips and knowledge about Akshayaa's progress and development. The affection and personal attention Akshayaa has received from Teacher Anna and her team has not only helped Akshayaa settle in well, but also allow her to fully experience the joy of growing up. In fact, Akshayaa gleams with excitement when we approach the school's entrance every morning.
As full-time working parents, this gives us great reassurance and confidence. We have never felt that we were dealing with an 'organisation', but always with passionate individuals who are devoted to nurturing our child, along with the other children enrolled here.
Thank you teacher Anna, and your team, for everything that you have done for Akshayaa thus far.

Mr & Mrs Solarajan
Parents of Akshayaa
MY World @ Teban Gardens

Dear MY World @ Teban Gardens Infant Care teachers & staff,
I am just dropping a note to say a big THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts to all the lovely teachers and staff at MY World Teban Gardens Infant Care. Our son Mason Chen just "graduated" from infant care and we did not have the chance to say a proper goodbye to all the teachers and staff last week so here it goes:
To Teacher Lynn, Teacher Jannah, Teacher Dirah, Teacher Noor and Gao Laoshi: Thank you so much for taking care of Mason so well from the time he was a wee baby until recently. As parents, we are continuously amazed at how much he has learned and grown, and this is certainly in no small part due to the nurturing environment that the school provides!
Special shoutout to Teacher Lynn for putting together the amazing Child Development Portfolio that allows us parents to see how Mason progresses in school. We are so very impressed with how detailed it is and appreciate the hard work put into preparing it. The Parent Teacher Conference we attended in Dec last year was also very well prepared, with detailed observations and updates (we could see Teacher Lynn took time to prepare for it, from her very detailed handwritten notes in her notebook!). You always keeps us updated with how Mason was doing at school, and is always so patient with all our questions! Thank you Teacher Lynn! 
Shoutout to Teacher Jannah who was the first teacher we interacted with at the beginning and who helped ease Mason's transition to school the first few days. You are always very patient answering my incessant questions and specific instructions and for that we are grateful. You are truly a star! All the best for your studies and keep on smiling! 
To Christy: for being so patient with all my questions and calls especially at the beginning when Mason just enrolled in infant care. You made the transition easy and smooth for us parents with your excellent support and organization skills! 
To Aunty Suling: for her cheerful "Good Morning!" daily welcoming Mason to school. We miss your smile! 
Thank you again and hope our paths cross again in the future! 

Kind Regards,
Susan & Gareth
Mason's parents
MY World @ Teban Gardens



We believe greatly in building a solid partnership with you as a parent for the well-being and development of your child.

If you have any concerns at all about your child, please feel free to approach our teachers, principals and staff. We are more than happy to speak with you, so we can partner with you on your child’s development.

Communication with our teachers takes place through day-to-day conversations and short updates during morning drop-offs and evening pick-ups, as well as the more formal opportunities listed below.


Parent/Teacher Conferences are great opportunities to discuss your child’s development with his/her teachers. These are held at least twice a year where you can discuss your concerns and also to gain insights about your child’s behaviour, preferences and progress.


We conduct written surveys at least once a year. However, you do not have to wait for a formal survey to give us your feedback. We strive to constantly improve and adapt, and your ideas and feedback will help us do better.


We keep you updated on important matters like health updates and key events (e.g. centre closure or excursions dates) through letters and notes.


The centre hosts special events such as New Year Gathering, Christmas Party and Sports Day from time to time. Join in the fun! You are more than welcome to contribute your skills in the area of food preparation, photography, performances, games and competitions (as a game master, referee or judge). Your child will love to see you getting involved, and you will get to observe your child interacting with his/her peers.


MY World Preschool is founded by Metropolitan YMCA which has a strong ethos of community service.

We welcome parents to participate in our community outreach activities. These activities are often an eye-opener for both parents and children, and seeing you in action serving the needy will leave a deep impression on your children like nothing else can.


At Metropolitan YMCA, a provisions bank was set up to supply essential food items to the poor and needy. Children and their families donate essential provisions to this provisions bank, which is then used to bless the community. This is a great opportunity to encourage your child to look beyond themselves and to think of those who are not as fortunate as they are.


This initiative invites children, families and staff to embrace the joy of giving and sharing by participating at MY Manna provision distribution and by visiting some of the beneficiaries at their homes.

Thank you for caring for the poor and loving the needy in practical ways!